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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In The News

It might be a time for celebration because I've finally bumped jPSXdec into 'beta' status. It's pretty much feature complete now. At worst there may be a redesign of a couple modules as I've recently been hit with the infamous Judge Dredd which breaks some assumptions. I also think the GUI leaves much to be desired (thank you user-testing!).

During the life of jPSXdec I've always been really interested in what people were using jPSXdec for.

In recent news, a project to recreate the game Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain looks to be using jPSXdec to help upsample the videos.

I was going to link to a recently posted, and possibly related HD version of the Blood Omen videos, but to my surprise, Boulotaur2024's YouTube account has been terminated. He's been posting HD versions of several game videos, utilizing jPSXdec for most of the PlayStation ones. It was great because he found a few games that jPSXdec had problems with. Guess Media Interactive Inc. and the Record Industry Association of Japan didn't appreciate his work.

The great ScummVM project has made use of my awesome documentation to add a PlayStation video player so it could utilize the PSX videos from Broken Sword 1 and 2. They've written up a few instructions on how to get your videos ready to play in the emulator.


  1. Any news on the translation of the lain psx game? really looking forward to it.

  2. We want to enable MIDI output wav sound in the game. I would not be possible if there is a SPU plug-in and BIOS.

  3. I hope for the game, really, Lain is so awesome. I know that this comment do not gonna help you, but I want to you know that there are people who supports this project, even today. Thanks for all your effort.

  4. Good job on jPSXdec, keep up the good work, it's one of the best tools ever!

  5. Hi, I've been trying to contact you regarding the Lain translation project via email. Are the jSPXdec or the translation project emails still functional?

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    See Ya :)

  7. Interesting post! jPSXdec is the best PS1 media extractor I've used so far. It has some minor flaws I hope will be fixed someday, although it's already the best PS1 media extractor ever, and definitely running very stable on Windows 7.
    I extract mainly music and FMV from the PS1 videogames of my childhood, just for personal use... :) I really enjoy the memories.
    Keep the good work, and jPSXdec forever!