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Monday, July 14, 2008

zOMG is down!

And it has been for quite awhile. I thought it was just temporary, but finally learned yesterday that the good fellow that was nice enough to host the page has chosen to close the account. We are grateful for the time we could use the server.

Don't worry, we still have all data and work done so far. Unfortunately we're currently without a host, and the project is still stuck at around 14% completion.

I personally would like to thank everyone that has contributed thus far...

Hikari - Translated dialogs from video sequences to Polish.
phm - Extracted the media with jpsxdec and setup the wiki. Retranslated video sequences dialogs from Polish to English. Advertised for translators, and coordinated with their changes.
MercuryTW - Provided some translations from a translator of his own (Keigo). Edited/corrected translated files.
stalker-kun - Provided hosting for the wiki.
otakufish - Provided some translations.
toruvinn - Provided nice domain.
farhan - Ruthlessly proofread random translations, utilising his qualifications in the field of Applied Pedantry with Grammar Nazism.
fishy - Proofread translations, created the public project page.
arc - Provided some translations.
Jossos - Provided some translations.
utakata - corrected a Japanese transcription.
Najica - Provided some translations.
Quibbage - Created subtitle files for videos.

...and everyone else (sorry if I've missed your name here)--thank you all very much.

jPSXdec development has been pretty quiet as well. I should submit the bug that fails to decode some of the Lain videos, or just commit the fix. The next things to do with jPSXdec require some major changes, and things have been busy (my toon won't hit level 60 by itself ;). I'm still here and interested in the project and related topics. I don't plan on that changing anytime soon.