jPSXdec is a cross-platform PlayStation 1 media decoder/converter.
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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Fixed the obvious problems with AVI writing, but still problems persist.
* My Windows Quicktime install must be bad because it crashes from like everything (but Mac Quicktime plays fine)
* My Linux mplayer must be bad because it plays all movies stretched, one way or another
* All programs on my lappy crash from my movies except Windows Media Player
* My Linux Totem still plays it with green garbage

So I think I may be doing MJPG slightly wrong, but I'm not sure what. Plus I finally figured out why I could never find any documentation on the MJPG codec: "there is no document that defines a single exact format that is universally recognized as a complete specification of “Motion JPEG” for use in all contexts" Wikipedia

Native decoder
Got the native decoder working great on Windows, Linux and Mac. CMake has made cross-platform building a breeze :D It's really exciting to see the decoding plow through dozens of frames per second.

Indeed, native decoding is fast...

Java is faster
The heck?? Contrary to what I thought I saw in my initial tests, my swift Java decoding module is significantly faster than using the native decoder. How? Not sure, but I suspect it's due to all the overhead needed when calling a JNI function (such as changing big-endian to little-endian). It already melts through 150 sectors/second like a hot knife through butter--but since it spends half its time with garbage collection, could it be faster with some object pooling?