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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Open the nExt Translation Project!

In 2014 the Serial Experiments Lain PSX Game Translation Project completed, culminating in a 695 page translation reference that gave English speakers the first real window into the game's story. Unfortunately its lofty goal to integrate the translation back into the game was never realized, and the translation had a number of errors.

But what if I told you that with the Close of that World, a new one would eventually Open? Maybe you wished you could play the actual game but with subtitles? Maybe you wanted a better translation?

In fact, a brand new team of dedicated Lain fans have taken it all to the nExt level. They've created a near complete re-creation of the PlayStation game that runs in your web browser! All media plays with English subtitles.

Check it out! It's a little rough around the edges, so if you find an issue be sure to report it.

And here's the source code for the devs out there

Having worked with several members of the team, I must say they have some extremely talented and dedicated people making it all possible.