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Saturday, August 13, 2011


On a whim, I ran one of the unique identifiers in the Lain game through Google which led me to a couple interesting sites.

A very impressive Russian site is trying to recreate most of the game's content for browsing on the web. What impressed me even more is the creator managed to reverse-engineer some of the game's data types before I did. He kindly gave jPSXdec a shout out since it was used heavily to extract nearly everything on the site.

This very old Japanese site I've seen before, but did a good job of documenting the game's content as well.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Translation Hacking

There's been a bit of activity with the translation lately, so I've been working more on the translation tools. Here's real video of the proof-of-concept I posted previously.

I figured it would be a bit rough to use this approach. Unfortunately, anything more than this would multiply the amount of work many times.

I've also discovered there are 34 images on the game discs that don't seem to ever appear in the game. They're not particularly interesting, however.