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Friday, August 5, 2011

Translation Hacking

There's been a bit of activity with the translation lately, so I've been working more on the translation tools. Here's real video of the proof-of-concept I posted previously.

I figured it would be a bit rough to use this approach. Unfortunately, anything more than this would multiply the amount of work many times.

I've also discovered there are 34 images on the game discs that don't seem to ever appear in the game. They're not particularly interesting, however.


  1. Finally back in action! If lain really is the goddess of the internet, she doesn't seem to want to let this project die. :)

  2. how much exactly is translated? How close to it being don is it right now?

  3. i hope its not a dead project..

  4. shows done here: though how to incorporate it into the rom?