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Sunday, February 17, 2008

nihongo niban

Much awesomeness has transpired recently. But first, the dull ramblings of jpsxdec status.

Looked up how to encode uncompressed (RGB) AVI files. It's not too complicated--Microsoft and other sites have usable documentation. Even found a Java class to get me started. Of course if we're gonna write AVI files, we need to know the frame-rate. Just a simple 400 lines of code is all that took. Needed to also change the overall code design to a 'push' architecture with listeners. This had the additional bonus of pulling the actual file writing to the top-level interface--right where it belongs.

Overall things are looking pretty good. For the next release I want to add a new popup window showing the many decoding options.

Also in the future I want to allow for piping out uncompressed AVI to a program like ffmpeg or mencoder. For Windows I'll also include the infamous Video for Windows. Still need to add raw cd reading.

But while merrily carrying on with all this, out of nowhere came a fishy fellow with the powers of language transformation! He generously offered to spend some time with the S.E. Lain game. Sooo... efforts on jpsxdec are delayed as the Serial Experiments Lain PSX Game Translation Project commences (SELPGTP?).

But with 5.5 hours of audio, he has his work cut out for him. Do you share the powers of language transformation? We could really use your help.

On the technical side, we are working on adding the eventual translation into the game. And I present to you an actual screen shot based on an earlier idea.

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