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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Open Sauce

As mentioned in the project goals, the code will be open source. And I want to make sure this source code stays open and free (unlike so many hacking tools before this one). As such, I plan on releasing jPSXdec under GPL v3 GPL v2 (for better compatibility).

Initially, I thought simply providing the source compressed in an archive on this site would be sufficient. I've mentioned a few ways people could help with the development if they were interested. I kept these very modular, so incorporating them would be fairly easy. I also didn't think the source code would be very large.

But there has been a request to setup a code repository instead. I've also realized the size of the source code is already non-trivial (almost 7000 lines of code), and will only grow larger (especially if a GUI is added).

I'm all for setting up a code repository, however, I don't know anything about existing hosting sites (except SF), nor do I have any experience setting up or maintaining such a site. I wish I could list some criteria, but I'm not even sure what I'll need. If anyone has any thoughts/info/suggestions/insight, I'd be interested in hearing them.
Update: After carefully weighing the different options, I found that Google Code was the best choice after all (thanks phm).

I will also be releasing two tidbits of documentation:
  • documentation about the code, describing how the different classes are organized and used.
  • a lengthy text file describing the STR file format and decoding process (nearly complete).
While I'm somewhat familiar with the GPL license, I've never had any experience with licensing documentation. It seems there are two recommended options: GNU FDL and FreeBSD Documentation License. After reading a little about them, I'm not sure which to choose. Again, if anyone has any thoughts, please share.
Update: Went with MIT license.


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